Be one of us!

You can apply here to be a part of our υηιqυє community!

Application expectations:


1. What you should know
2. Think first before you write
3. You should take care about
4. About yourself
5. W - Questions

1. What you should know:
Your application will be kept private.
Just our leaders can read your application.
If your application isn't good enough, we will delete it without notifying you.
We are an allround-clan, this means we play all gametypes.
Having multiple clans is forbidden.
Activity doesn't matter!

2. Think first before you write:
Do you think that you are loyal?
Do you think that you are friendly?
Do you think that you are skilled?
Do you think that you are unique?

3. You should take care about:
Your grammar.
Your spelling.
That your application should contain about 100 words.
That your application should be in english
That your application should consist of full sentences.

4. About yourself:
How old are you?
How long have you been playing Teeworlds?
Have you ever used different Ingame-Names?
Which modifications (gametypes) do/did you play?

5. W - Questions
Why do you want to join us?
Why should we take you?
What is unique about you?
What do you know/think about our clan?
Which people do you know in our clan?
Who brought you to us?

Now before you send your application to us, you should be sure
that you have followed the 5 subsections and that you have read your whole application through another time.
After that you can send us your unique application!


Write about 100 words