Welcome to our unique Clanpage!

The latest Video from our Member Ryozuki

Unique was founded 26.12.2014 by Tezcan.

It is a familiarly allround clan with nice players you can play with.

We have up to 16 servers, including different gametypes,

where you can score ranks and enjoy your time!

You can use now our clanskin!

We have now a Discord Channel, click here to join us!

You want to be a part of our υηιqυє Clan?

Then you should meet these requirements:
  • being loyal
  • being respectful
  • being skilled

Do you think, you fulfill all of the above? Then go ahead!

If DDRace is your favorite gametype, we will test you there in our "Acception Test" Server.

And if you have another favorite modification, then we will test you there.

First of all, you need to apply here.

And that's all, maybe you're the new part of our clan!

Anything else you want to know about us? Just search for the Leaders ingame and ask them!

And don't forget:

Be smart, be υηιqυє!